YIN DAO is a DAO Capital Investment for the Community, lead by the Community


Its native & main utility token is the “$YIN” Token. YIN DAO is funded by “The $YIN Treasury”, which contains 33% of the total $YIN supply. It will be locked in a multi-signature wallet & governed by the YIN community. The community may vote & submit on investment proposals that generate more revenue back to the Treasury. These revenues will be used to increase the buybacks of $YIN tokens. Each buyback results in $YIN Tokens being removed out of circulation, making the overall supply scarcer.


PRESALE ADDRESS: 0xD3187965bCB827dAb5E274b35818713eFeA49ADe

TOKEN ADDRESS: 0xB54EF64B4E06a442244aa898B97AA6cD536a258b


  • Build the next community investment DAO together with the $YIN community. A community investment DAO with investments in Web3 & Web2 companies. With a token allocation of 33% (3.100.000 $YIN tokens) this can easily be achieved by the community. When $YIN for example reaches $10, the Treasury will be valued at $31mill.

  • Create an infinite & sustainable buyback method by using 50% of the monthly revenues from the Web2 & Web3 companies the DAO has invested into, to increase the buybacks & scarcity of our $YIN Token.

The YIN DAO Concept

As a member of the YIN DAO, you are a member of an investment DAO that benefits the whole $YIN Community. Just HODL & Stake your $YIN Tokens and let the buybacks of the DAO increase your portfolio. 

When the DAO has invested into a project (Web2/IRL/Web3) the revenues will be send to the treasury. Fifty percent (50%) of these revenues will be used to increase the buybacks of $YIN tokens & increase its scarcity, while the remaining 50% stays in the treasury and also expands its overall value. The $YIN community will also decide to either leave the remaining 50% in its native tokens (e.g. ETH) or convert into stable coins. (e.g.USDT). Each buyback results in $YIN tokens being removed out of circulation, making the overall supply & asset scarcer.

Our $YIN Treasury

The $YIN Treasury already contains 3 x colr Founder Passes. These colR Founder passes unlock various benefits and unique experiences, including additional rewards of up to 50% of the net profits of their content and film production studio, House of ColR. Your percentage of these rewards is determined by the number of colR tokens and number of founder passes you hold.

Thanks to our partnership with “The Graine Ledger”, we also received 10x barrels of our own branded bourbon . “The Graine Ledger” is the first NFT-mediated Automated Distillery and is a subsidiary of “The Utility Company”. These barrels will not only bring revenue back to the $YIN Treasury, but will also help in our charity aspect in helping children with disabilities.

Upcoming Investment Proposal (IRL/Web2)

We’re bringing our IRL business in Web3; by providing Infrastructure, Commodity & Engineered Products, Specialty Mechanical Services, NDT services, Logistics and Consultancy services to the Onshore and Offshore Companies in Suriname.  

With the amount of crude oil & gas recently discovered by ExxonMobil, Shell and Apache, it is safe to say that we have reserves for a minimum of 50 years. With our experiences in the Oil & Gas + our business relationship with our local Refinery and partners, there will be multiple opportunities for the YIN DAO to invest and make a sizable amount of returns. Oil & gas is a multimillion-dollar industry, and we are utilizing our experience and connections to bring that into web3 through the $Yin Token & the Yin DAO.

$YIN Tokenomics

$YAN Tokenomics

Vesting Schedule



You can stake your SHIBU Genesis NFT, and receive 7 x $Yin Tokens each week for each SHIBU Genesis staked. This will turn your SHIBU Genesis NFT into a $YIN miner.


You will be able to use the $YIN Token as a form of payment for vacation packages, e-commerce platforms, IRL event tickets, in the Metaverse, and by the second quarter of this year you will be able to use it in the Dinobet platform. (that's a crypto casino)


As you've purchased $YIN Tokens, you can immediately stake your $YIN Tokens and receive $YAN Tokens on a daily basis. $YAN Token is our governance token, which means the person with the most $YAN tokens has more voting power. As the value of $YIN increase, you don't need to unstake your $YAN Tokens to take your profits.

Investors Protection Plan


Our liquidity will be locked for 15 years


Our smart contract is custom build, audited, renounced after Presale and the team is fully doxxed.


Team tokens will be locked in a Token Vesting Schedule for 3 years.

YIN DAO Project Partner